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Global Probiotics Challenges

Less than 4% of label probiotics actually reaches the gut!

Minimum viable cells

According to FAO/WHO recommendations, for a probiotics to declare claims of health benefits, it must contain a concentration of 106 to 107 CFU (Colony Forming Units) of viable probiotic bacteria

Probiotics shelf-life

There is gradual deterioration and loss of bacteria while awaiting customer purchase at the shelf due to oxidation and other stress that impacts on the live bacteria

Tolerance to Stomach Acid

Most probiotics do not survive the harsh & highly acidic stomach environment. Lactobacilli spp. has been shown to only survive between 30 seconds to several minutes

What causes so little probiotics to get to your gut?

Outside environment is harsh to probiotics...

High Temperatures

Exposure to heat reduces the viability of the good bacteria, reducing your intake of probiotics

Water & Moisture

Absorption of moisture activates the probiotics and subsequent death, further reducing amount of viable good bacteria

Air and Oxygen

Exposure to air and oxygen in the atmosphere will activate the growth & death of probiotics before consumption

...and protecting them can be futile.

Acid resistant 'Solutions'

Some capsules & enteric coated tablets pass the gut without opening up and end up being passed out in stool

High stress and degradation processes

Most 'innovative' delivery processes end up killing the very live bacteria they are trying to protect

Use of solvents in Protection

Other probiotic-protective processes use of solvents that tend to kill rather than protect them

Introducing Velobiotics

Globally patented technology that helps protect good bacteria (Probiotics) through a process known as microencapsulation.

This helps  prolong shelf life of probiotics and shields them from destruction by gastric acid; thus, permitting good bacteria to  reach your gut where they are most useful.

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Product Recommendations

Natacha W.
verified ownerverified owner

Definitely works this is the absolute best no mess no fuss just a capsule and relief with results

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

3 days ago
Natacha Williams
verified ownerverified owner

This is by far the most exceptional product highlu recommended

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

1 week ago
Natacha Williams
verified ownerverified owner

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 weeks ago
Sunelle Strydom
verified ownerverified owner

I can testify that it really does reduce cravings and my IBS symptoms have really improved since starting Velo16.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 weeks ago
verified ownerverified owner

Has really made a difference. Couldn't ne happiet with the product.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

3 weeks ago
Natacha W.

Fastest and most reliable in delivery, thanks for always checking in Caroline your just amazing

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

3 days ago

Delivers 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

Heat Stable Probiotic Encapsulation

Velobiotics microencapsulation with SCO2 technology appreciably improves stability & viability of probiotics

Shelf-life Stability of Probiotics

Velobiotics™ allows the supply of a stable probiotic formulation in areas where proper storage, refrigeration or degradation at room temperature is uncommon

Resistance to Stomach Acid

Velobiotics encapsulation is stable at low pH (acidic), but disintegrates at higher pH (alkaline), triggering the release of the probiotics in the colon where they are most needed

How does this benefit your gut?

Shelf Stability

You are guaranteed that the label claim (e.g. 10 Billion CFU) is what you are consuming despite being on the shelf for a number of months

Acid Tolerance

Helps protect the probiotics and makes them resistant to the highly acidic stomach environment therefore delivering more to your gut

Heat Stability

Velobiotics helps protect probiotics from exposure to heat, moisture and elements ensuring our label claim is valid

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