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Tendai Mtengwa

Understanding the Good Bacteria in Your Body

In your body you have a large amount of bacteria. Ever since you were born, bacteria have had a place to call home inside of your body. They have colonized your body and they live there happily with everything they could ever need.

There are both good and bad bacteria in your body. They all have their own jobs and they all do their own thing. Here is a list of the most harmful and the most beneficial bacteria that inhabit our bodies:

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Dr. Chomba

CSIR Biomanufacturing Industry Development Center (BIDC)Hosts Knowledge Sharing Session

A host of entrepreneurs and stakeholders joined the CSIR Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre (BIDC) team for an SMME sharing session on Friday, 21 September. The BIDC hosts quarterly accelerator sessions that provide a networking platform in biomanufacturing, as well as allow sharing of best practice and individual entrepreneurial journeys and success stories.

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