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Femina Cookie Fresh Probiotics Suppositories with Boric acid

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Are you tired of struggling with Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) or Yeast Infections? You’re not alone. Countless women in South Africa have faced the same challenges, but many have found relief through Femina COOKIE FRESH with Boric Acid suppositories. This powerful blend of boric acid and probiotics has become the best-selling solution for managing these common issues. Don’t just take our word for it, read the incredible testimonials from real women who have experienced the life-changing benefits of Femina COOKIE FRESH.

Zikhona’s Confidence Booster

Zikhona – 16 Mar 2023 (Reviewed 24 days after purchase) This product does exactly what it says and yoy feel the difference from first use, really amazing for any woman and a great confidence booster. Thank you Femina for this great invention

Zikhona describes Femina COOKIE FRESH as “amazing” and a “great confidence booster,” after feeling the difference from the very first use. This product not only addresses the physical symptoms of BV and Yeast Infections but also empowers women by boosting their self-esteem.

Wis’s Remarkable Turnaround

Wis – 04 Mar 2023 (Reviewed 2 days after purchase) I am a 39 years old and have been struggling with smelly discharge for too long especially after being intimate . I have used different types of antibiotics and V. Creams, home remedies etc but it kept on coming back. I was on my periods and the smell was so bad it was like something died. As I searched for remedies this product popped up and I decided to buy it after reading reviews. I used it for one night and the next day the smell was all gone it was unbelievable. My confidence is back and I am happy. This product is gonna be part of my cosmetics from now on.

Wis struggled with smelly discharge for years, even after trying various antibiotics, creams, and home remedies. But after just one use of Femina COOKIE FRESH, the unpleasant odor was gone, restoring her confidence and happiness. This product has now become a staple in her cosmetic routine.

I Am Impressed vee – 27 Feb 2023 (Reviewed 9 days after purchase) This product is really out of this world, I was struggling with bad odour everytime I had sex I went to see multiple doctors but the antibiotics would take off the smell for that moment and it would occur again, until I did my own research and found this product since my BV is recurring I used them for 7 consecutive days and now I’m back to my normal being, I am so ecstatic wish I knew about this way before.. Thanks to Takealot and the other reviews

Vee’s Return to Normalcy Like many women, Vee faced recurring BV and unpleasant odor. Multiple doctor visits and antibiotics provided temporary relief, but the issue persisted. After discovering Femina COOKIE FRESH, she used it for seven consecutive days and found herself back to normal, feeling ecstatic and grateful.

I wish I got this sooner! Adele – 23 Feb 2023 (Reviewed 7 days after purchase) I am upset with myself for not getting this sooner! Been uncomfortable for years with doctors giving me meds that didn’t work or shrugging it off saying the V town is a self cleaning engine and its normal….not normal to be uncomfortable! Used this 4 days in a row and I haven’t been this comfy in years! Get it ladies! Will do this as routine care also to uphold the V town logistics 🙂

Adele’s Regret-Free Purchase Adele wishes she had discovered Femina COOKIE FRESH sooner, as it brought her comfort after years of unsuccessful treatments. By incorporating this product into her routine care, she can now maintain her vaginal health without worry.

Zee – 23 Feb 2023 (Reviewed 20 days after purchase) A persistent throat infection forced me to take antibiotics over a long period, which messed up my microflora balance, but this produce seems to be getting everything back in to balance (finally!). It’s definitely been more effective than oral probiotics.

Zee’s Microflora Rebalance Zee experienced an imbalance in her microflora due to long-term antibiotic use. Femina COOKIE FRESH proved more effective than oral probiotics in restoring her balance and overall vaginal health.

Tshivhenga – 22 Feb 2023 (Reviewed a day after purchase) One night only was all it took to get results 😭. My BV odour is gone, I feel a lot more confident now. Don’t hesitate please buy it you won’t regret

Tshivhenga’s One Night Wonder Tshivhenga achieved astonishing results after just one use, eliminating her BV odor and boosting her confidence. She urges other women not to hesitate in trying Femina COOKIE FRESH for themselves.

mbali – 21 Feb 2023 (Reviewed 7 days after purchase) I loved this product it helps get my parts feels fresh after my cycle and it removed all kinds of odours within one use. I definitely think if your struggling with odours, yeast and do fourth this is the product for you

Mbali’s Comprehensive Solution Mbali loves how this product not only freshens her intimate area after her cycle but also eliminates various odors. For those struggling with odors, yeast, and other issues, Femina COOKIE FRESH is the go-to solution.

Works wonders Gontse – 24 Jan 2023 (Reviewed 19 days after purchase) I struggle with Yeast and BV a lot, and creams burn me! This product has given me amazing results, used it for 7 days, I hope the symptoms don’t reappear anytime soon! I would order it again and again if I have to.

Gontse’s Repeated Success Gontse often dealt with Yeast and BV, but found that creams irritated her skin. Femina COOKIE FRESH provided amazing results without any discomfort, making it a product she’s willing to purchase again and again.

Excellent Product: Maryke – 13 Jan 2023 (Reviewed 7 days after purchase) This product changed my life, I have used a lot of anti-fungal medication in the past (for years) and nothing was really affective, it worked for a while and then it stopped working, this product ensure I can live a life without even thinking about any candida issues.

Maryke’s Long-term Relief After years of ineffective anti-fungal medications, Maryke finally found lasting relief from candida issues with Femina COOKIE FRESH. This product has truly changed her life.

Best buy ever Rutendo – 10 Jan 2023 (Reviewed 4 days after purchase) I am not too sure why this product is not trending. Bought after a couple of months with fishy bad odor down there and had tried from the intimate washes to gels. Only used this product for a day and l must say l am super impressed and now believe my gyny who likes to say a fishy smell down there is infection. Ladies do yourself a favor and keep this in your house, you will thank ,me later.

Rutendo’s Must-Have Item Rutendo was astounded by the immediate results of Femina COOKIE FRESH after just one day of use. She encourages all women to keep this product on hand for maintaining vaginal health.

Recommend this to everyone Noz – 08 Jan 2023 (Reviewed 18 days after purchase) I have been battling with BV since 2020 and have gone from doctors to clinics and also tried all home remedies but nothing helped. Even did probiotics alone but it would not clear. After trying these tablets within a day the bad odour was gone.

Noz’s Persistent Battle Noz suffered from BV for years and tried various treatments without success. However, after using Femina COOKIE FRESH, the bad odor disappeared within a day, marking the end of her long battle.

LIFE CHANGING Mikaela – 07 Dec 2022 (Reviewed a day after purchase) I have been suffering from bad odour. Nothing has worked for me so far. I received this product yesterday. I used it last night. This morning i woke up, my door is gone. Throughout today, i’m not experiencing any odour. Essentially, this product worked overnight. After use of one pill. This is a life changer. Absolutely worth the money. I’ll make sure i never run out

Mikaela’s Overnight Transformation Mikaela struggled with persistent bad odor until she discovered Femina COOKIE FRESH. After using just one pill, she woke up the next day with the odor completely gone. This overnight transformation has made Femina COOKIE FRESH a life-changing and invaluable product for her.


The glowing testimonials from these satisfied customers showcase the remarkable power of Femina COOKIE FRESH with Boric Acid suppositories. If you’re struggling with Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infections, or any other vaginal health issues, it’s time to give this life-changing product a try. Don’t let these problems hold you back any longer – experience the comfort, confidence, and freedom that so many South African women have discovered with Femina COOKIE FRESH.

Ready to transform your vaginal health? Join the thousands of women who have found relief with Femina COOKIE FRESH.

Visit takealot.com to order your supply today or order here from our own velobiotics site, and experience the difference for yourself. Don’t wait any longer – take control of your intimate well-being now!

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