First Probiotic Health Product to Deliver 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

Velo16 - Probiotic Digestive Capsules

Revolutionary Velobiotics Technology incorporated into Velo16™ Capsules

Brooklyn, New York: Velobiotics™ today announced the launch of Velo16™ – Probiotic Digestive Capsules, a new Probiotic Product that incorporates patented Velobiotics™ gut-delivery technology. A green, probiotic-friendly and innovative system utilizing supercritical CO2 to preserve probiotics from the elements and protect them against destruction by gastric acid.

Velo16™ is a 16-Strain probiotic product incorporating US-patented probiotic-delivery system and offering a new way for men and women using probiotics to enjoy maximum digestive-health benefits from probiotics.

This is a revolutionary product, using cutting-edge technology” says Dr. C. Chuma, MD and CEO of Velobiotics™. “We can now enjoy the full benefits of probiotics in digestive, immune and urogenital health that were previously unrealized due to probiotics delivery challenges.”

Velo16™ is the first among the range of products that will be developed by Velobiotics™ targeting different aspects of human health including gut health, female intimate health, immune health, children probiotics among others.

Benefits of Velo16™ Probiotic Capsules include:

  • 1000x More Probiotics to The Gut! – Guaranteed delivery of the label claim – ensures users receive the full health benefits of probiotics
  • 16 Strains of Probiotics – Comprehensive combination of 16 of most clinically studied probiotics means that users do not have to look for additional strains.
  • Restore balance in the Gut – Gives the gut a healthy boost, promotes the digestive health, and immunes health and urogenital health.

Velo16™ Probiotic Digestive Capsules will be available starting 01st April 2020 at $29.95. For more information on Velo16™ visit

About Velobiotics

Globally patented technology that helps protect good bacteria(Probiotics) through a process known as microencapsulation.US, UK, Australia, China, Japan, EU and South African patent approvals are a testament to the innovation and advancement of this technology to becoming a gold-standard probiotics delivery system.

Velobiotics™ helps prolong shelf life of probiotics and shields them from destruction by stomach acid; thus, permitting good bacteria to reach your gut where they are most useful.

Velobiotics™ as a company has successfully launched innovative probiotic-based products including the 1st ever Ready-To-Eat (RTE) probiotic whey protein and meal replacements. The green Velobiotics™ technology is reflected in both the processing of probiotics and it’s fully biodegradable packaging system. Visit for more information.

Media Contact

Company Name: Velobiotics™
Contact Person: CHOMBA CHUMA
Phone: +1-800-511-8703
Address:1820 M Avenue, #1065
City: Brooklyn 11230
State: New York
Country: United States

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