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What can you tell from your current vaginal discharge?

5 key questions that help to differentiate between three of the most common causes of vaginal discharge i.e.

1. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
2.Yeast/Thrush Infection or Candidiasis
3. Trichomoniasis (Trich) Infection

NB: This is not a replacement for your healthcare practitioner, diagnosis, or medical doctor's professional judgment. The use of this tool is subject to your acceptance of Terms & conditions and full disclaimer - DISCLAIMER
What is your current state of health & practices?
Your state of health could easily point us to the right direction. You can choose more than one option here.
What symptoms are you currently experiencing?
Your symptoms is a great way to start to know what you might be suffering from. [ONE ANSWER ONLY]
What type & colour of discharge do you currently have?
Try and best describe the type of discharge you have. [ONE ANSWER ONLY]
Describe the Smell (Odor) of your discharge
How does the discharge smell to you, your partner or anyone close to you? [ONE ANSWER ONLY]
Any of these additional symptoms or history?
Other symptoms, history or occurrences that might be associated. [ONE ANSWER ONLY]
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