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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Millicent Mogale
Nutritionist and Health Educator

What is GutAmbassador?

Drive traffic to our site (, Promote Gut Health and we’ll pay you on our affiliate program – Known as GutAmbassador! It’s that simple.

We are looking for a partnership – a profitable partnership. A partnership where you provide your audience with valuable information on gut health, wellness, 2nd brain, and unbeatable deals on our products.

Using our GutAmbassador tools & systems in place, we are able to track customers you have referred up to 365 days – One whole year! You earn commission in many ways: 

  1. If they make any purchase on our website, you earn a percentage of the revenue. 
  2. Just by CLICKING your referral link and visiting our page.
  3. The more referrals, the higher your rank, and the better your earnings. 

If you’d like to automate earning revenue from your website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, and more, then GutAmbassador is just for you!

What do you get from GutAmbassador Program?

Not only will you be part of the biggest movement in nutrition & supplements, but you’ll also get the following:-

  • Partnership with a reputable pioneering probiotics company with proven results
  • Access to a wide variety of banners and affiliate links to help increase revenue
  • Up to 15% Commission – Earn even more through bonuses and special promotions
  • 355 Day Cookie Period – We keep 1 years’ data for your referrals
  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts | Strong Conversion Rates
  • Excellent Ambassador In-House GutSupport – 

Commission Structure

We have three levels of earnings: 

  1. GutNewbie – Just joined and earning 7.5% commission on your referrals
  2. GutGolden – You have referred 100 people – 10% Commission  on all sales from your referrals
  3. GutPlatinum – Referred 500 people or Sales of over R5,000 – 15% Commission on all sales + 5% Lifetime earnings commission. 

Fall in love with GutAmbassador

Real time stats

Get your referral stats in real time. No delays, not guess work, just data based on traffic sent to our site.

Tools to Thrive

Tools to help you succeed including banners, compelling text links, eye-catching images, articles, and social media posts.

Regular Reports

We'll keep you updated on the activity of your referrals and visits to our page.

Amazingly Simple

With a little following on Social Media, you'll get all the tools and support to grow your audience.

Community builder

Build a community that you educate, nurture, and support their well-being while benefiting from your efforts.

Easy to use interface

As easy as ABC. No complicated interface and analysis. You get easy and simple interface to manage your referrals.

Whom are we looking for?

  • Medical or Clinical Practitioners providing services to patients and looking for good quality, clinically proven probiotic to recommend to their patients. 
  • Successful wellness/personal fitness/ bodybuilding websites with high-quality content
  • Fitness bloggers, health coaches, and bodybuilders who use social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Bloggers and review websites that are passionate about fitness, probiotics, and wellness in general
  • Affiliated online (e-commerce) businesses who are interested to grow their business with Velobiotics supplements
  • Wellness and affiliated websites with great value-offering and useful content. No spam sites. 

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