GutPoints Loyalty Program

GutPoints is our loyalty program that ensures you accumulate points as you buy online and later redeem the points for any future purchases.


GutPoints are awarded on every purchase and can later be redeemed as a PERCENTAGE discount for full or partial purchase of a product from our website.

Please, note: GutPoints are awarded on a product basis and not on the cart total.

1 (One) GutPoint is earned per Unit Value of Currency spent i.e.:

  • 1 USD = 1 GutPoint
  • 1 CAD = 1 GutPoint
  • 1 ZAR = 1 GutPoint

Points are always rounded up. If product price is 49.94, you will earn 50 Points (Regardless of your local currency). You still earn GutPoints while redeeming your “GutPoint Discount” during checkout.

By default during registration, you earn 200 GutPoints and on your birthday earns you 500 GutPoints!


Due to the multi-currency nature of our website, GutPoints are redeemed in Percentage Discount as follows:

  • 10 Points = 1% (CAD – $)
  • 10 Points = 1% (EUR – €)
  • 10 Points = 1% (GBP – £)
  • 10 Points = 1% (USD – $)
  • 100 Points = 1% (ZAR – R)

You can only Redeem GutPoints Coupon ALONE during checkout – NOT together with other Coupons that you might have been awarded during promotions.

If an order is cancelled, we refund the full amount of GutPoints that might have been redeemed.

Points Expiry – Points expire 365 Days after they have been earned. We shall send you a reminder 14 days before expiration.

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