Femina Vaginal Suppository Applicators

Place all types of suppositories with ease and comfort using Femina Suppository Applicators.

Through your feedback, Femina is aware that not everyone is ‘hands-on’. Sometimes it could get a little messy and shambolic! That is why we created Femina Suppository Applicators with woman’s comfort in mind and to make it a whole lot easier in getting the job done.

Femina Suppository Applicator is an efficient, comfortable, and compact tool to help you position any suppository in the vagina.

For confidence, ease of use and best placement of any suppository, use Femina Suppository Applicator.

R199,00 R199,00

Product Description

EFFORTLESSLY APPLY ANY VAGINAL SUPPOSITORY with Femina Suppository Applicators. The top part is a universal design that accommodates different sizes and shapes of vaginal suppositories.

LET’S MAKE YOUR LIFE COMFORTABLE AND EASIER! We have created a compact & thin design, with a smooth edge for ease of insertion.

CORRECT PLACEMENT OF SUPPOSITORIES! To ensure effectiveness of your suppository, make sure you place it in the correct position. Femina Suppository Applicators will ensure you place the suppositories in the correct position for maximum effectiveness.

CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC TO USE. Our applicators are individually wrapped to keep the hygienic and clean for use with your suppositories. They can be used at home, work, or travelling and quickly disposed for convenience.

FEMINA GUARANTEE. Femina’s commitment to Women’s Health is to provide high quality products for your convenience and use. We offer 30-Days Satisfaction Guarantee on all Femina products.


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