Social Media Participant Terms & Conditions

The Social Media Participation campaign is promoted by Velobiotics Proprietary Limited (“Velobiotics”) which may be contacted at +27(0) 11 392 2550.

As a Social Media Participant I agree to post content adhering to the Velobiotics ’s “Content Guidelines” as follows: Avoid the use of vulgar language or reference to religion or politics: Optimize for the given keywords in blog posts.

For the duration of the Campaign, the Influencer agrees to deliver the stipulated posts in their social media profiles as agreed with Velobiotics

Social Media Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Velobiotics shall own, exclusively and in perpetuity, all rights to all content produced and paid for under this Campaign.

Velobiotics is free to modify, translate, republish, or reuse any components of said content in any way they so desire.

Velobiotics may deem fit in its sole discretion, all Materials including, but not limited to, distributing, publicizing, exploiting, selling, copying, reproducing, uploading or licensing the Materials as part of Velobiotics’ marketing campaigns and to use the Materials, without limitation, as part of its websites, exhibitions, proposals, brochures, documentation, email campaigns, mailers and flyers; and to use my name as a reference in relation to the Materials, or to omit my name from the Materials, in Velobiotics’ sole discretion.

I agree that all intellectual property, proprietary and moral rights in the Materials, or any part thereof, shall exclusively vest, and remain so vested, in Velobiotics.

I hereby waive any claims, actions, suits or demands against Velobiotics and its directors, employees, assigns, licensees, agents, representatives and contractors which I may have on the basis of, or arising from, the Materials or Velobiotics’ use of the Materials in terms of these T&Cs.

I warrant that I have read the T&Cs, that I understand the T&Cs and that I agree to be bound to its terms and conditions.

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