Tell Us Your Story – Terms & Conditions


By completing and submitting the survey, I, the participant, agrees to be bound to the participation terms and conditions of the promotional competition as set out herein (the “T&Cs”).

The competition is promoted by Velobiotics Proprietary Limited (“Velobiotics”) which may be contacted at +27(0) 11 392 2550.

The prize of the competition consists of the following bundle:

  • 1 month’s free subscription of Femina meal supplement, which equals to 3 tubs;
  • 1 Femina pH self-test kit; and
  • 1 Femina branded Tote bag (the “Prize”).

I take notice of the fact that:

  • only fully completed surveys shall be considered as valid entries into the promotional competition;
  • only 5 prizes will be awarded as part of the promotional competition;
  • the winners will be selected by a panel appointed by Velobiotics and on the basis of the best story, as reflected in each participating survey;
  • the closing date of the promotional competition shall be 17:00 on 2 November 2019;
  • the decision of the panel shall be final and binding and Velobiotics shall not enter into any further correspondence on the matter;
  • the winners shall be announced by 17:00 on 3 November 2019 through publication on the Velobiotics website located at, and contacted telephonically;
  • no director, member, partner, employee, contractor, subsidiary, supplier or agent of Velobiotics may take part in the promotional competition;
  • Prizes shall be delivered by hand on the date of the interview; and
  • the information contained in my completed survey may be processed by Velobiotics and retained as long as reasonably necessary to evaluate all entries into the promotional competition, to identify trends to improve Velobiotics’ products and services and to comply with applicable law.

I agree that, if my story is selected to be featured as a Velobiotics GutStory, I will avail myself to be interviewed on camera and photographed by a Velobiotics representative.  I understand that I have an option to reject such participation, however, upon such rejection, I will forfeit my Prize and my entry will be disregarded.  In such circumstances, the Prize will be awarded to the next runner up. 

I, the participant, hereby grant to Velobiotics and its directors, employees, assigns, licensees, agents, representatives and contractors the perpetual (permanent) right:

  • to photograph me, to record my voice and record a video of my interview with Velobiotics in relation to the Velobiotics GutStory, products and services (the “Materials”);
  • to use, as Velobiotics may deem fit in its sole discretion, all Materials including, but not limited to, distributing, publicizing, exploiting, selling, copying, reproducing, uploading or licensing the Materials as part of Velobiotics’ marketing campaigns and to use the Materials, without limitation, as part of its websites, exhibitions, proposals, brochures, documentation, email campaigns, mailers and flyers; and
  • to use my name as a reference in relation to the Materials, or to omit my name from the Materials, in Velobiotics’ sole discretion.

I agree that all intellectual property, proprietary and moral rights in the Materials, or any part thereof, shall exclusively vest, and remain so vested, in Velobiotics.

I agree that I will not be paid, nor shall I be entitled, to any remuneration or compensation, in any manner or form, for the grant of rights in the Materials, the use of my name in relation to the Materials or my participation in the creation of the Materials.

I hereby waive any claims, actions, suits or demands against Velobiotics and its directors, employees, assigns, licensees, agents, representatives and contractors which I may have on the basis of, or arising from, the Materials or Velobiotics’ use of the Materials in terms of these T&Cs. 

I certify and represent that I am over 18 years of age or that I am assisted by my legal guardian, who will be transacting on my behalf, and that I am mentally fit to participate in the promotional competition and agree to the T&Cs.

I warrant that I have read the T&Cs, that I understand the T&Cs and that I agree to be bound to its terms and conditions.

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