What is Velobiotics?


What is the origin of the name?

Velobiotics™  is a novel and  globally-patented technology that helps protect probiotics ‘ good bacteria’ from both storage viability (shelf-life) and protection when passing through the stomach acid – delivering over 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut! than non-encapsulated probiotics. 

VELO is derived from a Latin word that in English, translates to “ veil, cover, cover up; enfold, wrap, envelop; hide, conceal; clothe in”.

Velobiotics™ technology  enfolds, envelops or wraps the probiotics in a compound consisting of  repeated structural units (polymer) that protects it from degradation and transit or passage through the upper gastro intestinal tract.

Most probiotics entering the harsh, highly acidic stomach environment never get to reach the optimal sites where probiotics are required for gut health i.e. mainly the ileum (final section of small intestine) and the colon (large intestine) where they are required most. Studies have demonstrated that less than 5% of probiotics taken orally get to reach the colon!

The technology utilizes  Supercritical Carbon Dioxide ( scCO 2 ) in which two water soluble ( hydrophilic) polymers interact to form an  interpolymer complex.

Through research carried out on various probiotics, the  scCO 2  technology was shown to markedly improve and provide unparalleled solution to the two main challenges facing the probiotics market –  Shelf-life viability and tolerance to gastric acidity.

The result is the various probiotics formulations, collectively known as  Velobiotics™.

Intellectual Property

Our microencapsulation technology is based on  Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (scCO2), in which two water soluble (hydrophilic) polymers interact to form an  inter-polymer complex, thus protecting viable active ingredient – probiotics.

The patent is held in all major markets including United States, China, South Africa, Australia, Germany and European Union.

Current Patents

  • US PATENT: US7641917B2
  • SA PATENT: 200309983
  • UK PATENT: GB2392619B
  • JAPAN PATENT: JP4313196B2
  • AUSTRALIA PATENT:   2002310567 

The technology is exclusive to Velobiotics brands only.

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